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Join our private community of professionals with a baby.

We help you raise healthy, happy & successful children.

Be Inspired & Empowered in My Circle of Moms.


CIRCLE OF MOMS Join our community for moms to meet, exchange ideas, be supported, inspired and empowered.


FIND ANSWERS TO YOUR CONCERNS Explore our special search engine for answers, Mom's Mall, Mama Dear's Musings, Academy and my private Circle of Mom's.


SUPPORT JUST FOR MOMS All of the above, plus receive your free eBook '6 Top Secrets for Successful Moms' and a facebook-like-connection with other moms just like you.

For Professional Women

Join other professional women who have children 0 to 4.

Find the support and tools you need to be more successful.


Some comments from other mothers.

Your Mama Dear’s eBook “6 Top Secrets for Successful Moms” is such a unique idea. I can think of so many young mothers who would love to hear these words of wisdom. Thank you for including me in your review.

Susan Nichols

Retired Kindergarten Teacher, Southside Elementary School, Starke, Florida

Mama Dear coached me while I raised my 3 boys. As a single mom, I drew on her wisdom so many times to solve problems that overwhelmed me. Today my boys are 14, 12 & 9 and Mama Dear helped me from the time they were born. Thank you, Mama Dear!

Aimee Jennings (my daughter)

Speech Language Pathologist, Bradford School District, Starke, Florida

This eBook should be in the hands of every parent before their child enters pre-school and kindergarten. Just what a mother needs when she is overwhelmed.

Donna Jackson

Retired Kindergarten Teacher, Southside Elementary School, Starke, Florida

Mom's Boot Camp 2.0

Get a quick FREE peek at Mom’s Boot Camp, the first of an 8 part video series. It can make a difference for you and your child. COMING SOON!

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Dr. Seuss

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This private-membership-website was designed for women who are professionals in their fields and have children from 0 to 4 years of age. I have kept the cost to a minimum in hopes that all mothers could afford to be a member. It is my hope that we can join together to help each other by exchanging ideas, concerns and knowledge to make our lives easier and more successful. I want the product of this community of mothers to inspire and empower each of us to raise healthy, happy and successful children. Mama Dear's Signature