Meet Mama Dear

Here the grandkids learn about “wave action” in the exciting study of the Ocean one summer.  Other Cuzin Camps included Insects and Wild Animals.  Collecting their own bugs and visiting Sea World helped bring the subject to life and made summer more exciting.

Meet Mama Dear

An extended family of cousins helps to build relationship skills and lifelong friendships.  These are some of Mama Dear’s grandchildren at a summer “Cuzin Camp” where she developed a special curriculum each summer to continue advancing their learning.

Meet Mama Dear

Always reading to children helps develop their brain architecture and prepares them to assimilate advanced concepts and data as they mature.  Begin reading before they are born, then daily as they grow.  Hold them for loving contact and so they can learn how you read, plus enlarge their own vocabulary.

Meet Mama Dear

Always loving and enjoying her grandchildren, Mama Dear spends “special time” with each child letting them know that they are loved and always will be. Supporting the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence helps build a happy, healthy and successful person.

Meet Mama Dear

Helping to keep 9 of her 10 grandkids from birth while their parents worked, Mama Dear applied all of her education and experience to love and support each of her very special and unique angels as they grew and blossomed.

Meet Mama Dear

Having received her Masters in Education from the University of Florida and taught kindergarten through second grade before becoming principal of Southside Elementary School, Mama Dear has 38 years of working with children and their parents, plus over 10 more helping to raise her 10 grandkids.

This is My Story,

I was a working mom and single parent after my husband died of ALS when my oldest was in college. Starting out, I had received a Master’s Degree in Education while beginning to raise 4 of my own. Later, I retired after 38 years as an elementary school principal/second grade/kindergarten teacher, and now, while their parents work, I keep 9 of my 10 grandkids (12 counting my 2 step grandkids). Currently my oldest grandchild is 14 and the youngest is 8; they all love to read. Through the years of raising kids, teaching kids, and babysitting grandkids, I developed and uses some effective activities and approaches while being a parent, single parent and grandparent.

I now understand why I was so tired.wink But, if I made it through and raised 4 college graduates, know that you can learn and do some remarkable things that you have no idea you are capable of doing today.

Mom, what keeps you awake at night? Let me know below:

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What’s Ahead

Importance of Being a Parent

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Albert Einstein

Being a good parent involves having the desire to be a good parent.  After that, it’s just a matter of taking each day at a time, learning and enjoying the journey.  There are some basics we need to understand as parents which involve the following: P – Perseverance A – Awareness R – Reading E – Empathy N – No T – Transition

Mama Dear’s Mission

is to inspire and empower professional women with children from 0 to 4 years of age.

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