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Develop “keepsakes” for your child to enjoy forever with these special “Memories of the Heart” including a 12-month calendar to record those treasured moments, a Journal of Mom’s journey and a coloring book just for Mom.


Time flies by and then we look back to try and remember all the wonderful heartfelt memories. Mama Dear has developed some tools to help you easily record some of those treasures to share with your child in later years.

Some Ideas for Baby’s New Room

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Look and feel special as you prepare to welcome your new baby.  It is said that you will never look more beautiful than while you are pregnant.  Enjoy!

Such a variety of stylish items just for you – dresses, swim, tops & tees, shorts, pants & Capris, active and much, much more.  Take a look... Click Here!

The new addition to your family will want to be stylish as the runway of life awaits.  Fashionable onesies to eye-catching booties, it’s their moment of fame and fortune.

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Being prepared for the new arrival is critical to not getting overwhelmed. Being able to get needed items quickly online will help reduce the stress and make life easier.

Some Ideas to Help You Get Started with Your New Baby

With anything new, we can sometimes forget one or two items.  Mama Dear tried to remember items she thought might be necessary for a new mom taking care of her new baby.

Your Baby is a Toddler Now!  Time to Get Started with Some New Skills.

Your Toddler – ages 1 to 3 – is at a magical stage, developing faster than at any time in life.  The brain architecture is being formed by the stimulation being received each day from you and the world.

Fun for the Entire Family playing and learning new skills with Board Games, Jenga, Sory and Many Many More!

Set aside family time without electronics while family and friends enjoy new adventures expanding the mind in just enjoying each other.

Outdoor Activities Are So Neessary for Your Child!  Play and Learn . . .

Great new worlds await your child outdoors – digging, planting, discovering, playing, building and more. How exciting!

Where words fail, music speaks. (Hans Christian Andersen)

Much has been written supporting music’s contribution to a child’s brain development.  Exposing and encouraging your child to enjoy music will have many benefits for your child.

Helping Your Child Learn to Improve Eye/Hand Coordination

Practicing to get your eyes and your hands working together will build skills used throughout your child’s life – sports, interacting in the world, thinking constructively – and it all begins now.

Help Your Child Explore and Discover the World!

The courage and sense of excitement when exploring are developed at an early age.  Providing your child with the opportunity and resources to examine the world can be fascinating for you both.

Studies have shown that inactivity during the summer hampers your child’s growth and brain development.  Keep your child stimulated during these summer months. Don’t waste the summer. 

Bridge Activities are a compilation of age appropriated workbooks for moms to use during the summer as a guide to help keep stimulating sound brain activity for your child.

Card Games Help Children Learn to Use Their Minds and Hands . . . and Have Fun.

Some other family activities for all ages are card game – from Go Fish to Bridge – you child learns to think, count, and be social.  Enjoy.

Preserving those treasured moments forever takes planning.  Probably the best tool is a good Smartphone with a good camera.  Then set up a good storage location like DropBox, etc.  

Your phone will normally be with you, but there may be times you will need a camera for a special event.  Here are some ideas.

Help Your Child Learn From Mr. Rogers.  

Fred Rogers was known and loved, among other things, as creator and host of the preschool television series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood from 1968 to 2001.  Children are still learning invaluable life lessons while visiting Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.